Initiation in the Christian and Jewish Faith

Initiation definition

**  formal admission or acceptance into an organization or club

The catholic church teaches us many things about initiation. It  starts at a very young age and Baptism is the fist ritual. It welcomes the new baby into the church,  God and  involves the priest, parents, and God parents. It is a very community involved event and an important time because this is the babies first time being welcomed into the church.
Other rituals include communion, conformation and marriage. These are only a few of initiation catholics experience throughout there life.
Initiation in the catholic faith is all about being accepted into God and living your life under the church.

The jewish worldview shows us many forms of initiation throughout their life. Unlike Christians they follow after their parents and are accepted into the jewish faith right when their born. The jewish religion is all about lifestyle and how they mentally and physically live their lives.
  1. They must have a kosher diet.
  2. Young boys are circumcised
  3. must follow a dress code (if very strict girls have t0 wear skirts and long sleeve tops)


Those are all initiations they must obey to follow their faith with respect.




Initiation is in both the jewish and the catholic religion as you might already know.

Here are the similarities:

  1. Initiation starts young
  2. It is a community involved event
  3. Many initiations throughout life
  4. Born into their parents faith


There are also many differences between the two religions.

Here are some differences:

  1. Celebrate there holy day on a different day
  2. Have different rituals
  3. The jewish faith calls for them to eat kosher while the catholic faith does not have that rule.
  4. Jews are initiated as soon as they are born


How would comparing the two religions better help you understand the catholic faith?

By comparing the two faiths you see how other religions are different from yours. You probably would have not seen this if you did not know anything about an other religion because you would have nothing to compare yours to. It also makes you see how they get initiated and the rituals and practices they are involved in.